There is nothing a mother wont do for her child, but some mothers take it to another level; they sign up for a diploma programme. With #MothersDay is just round the corner, three full-time mums shared what inspires them and their wish for that special day which falls on May 12th. Although they have their distinct aspirations, one thing resonated strongly among all three; that children are unique and they should be loved for who they are. Here is what Dika students Jasveender Kaur, Bridget Te and Carol Clement Devaraj had to share.


Jasveender Kaur, Diploma in Early Childhood Education. 

Being a mum for the first time, I want to equip myself with as much know-how as I can on my daughters development. The diploma programme is helping me better understand the developmental phases of a child, and this has enabled me to communicate with her more effectively. 

In my opinion parents must be confident of their own style and methods instead of imitating how other parents are bringing up their children. Get to know your child and when you do, you will see how unique they are. It is my wish that children enjoy our presence, and not merely our presents.


Bridget Te, Diploma in Early Childhood Education

When my son turned one, I realised that some of my old-school upbringing methods needed an upgrade. The diploma programme is helping me become a better parent, and more importantly I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. 

Essentially parenting is a lifetime professionthat requires commitment. No one is born with the skill to be a parent. It is something we hone. We must never take our parenting responsibilities lightly as the welfare of our child lies in our hands. It is my wish that every child in this world is embraced with care and love.


Carol Clement Devaraj, Diploma in Special Education

My three children are in their teens but through the diploma programme, I am learning to be a better parent by being more sensitive to their needs and appreciating them as individuals. I have been fortunate to work with children with special needs, and that is why I am so fond of this cause. I wish that it is made mandatory for Special Education teachers to be assigned to pre-schools to enable early intervention.


Children are by nature very inclusive. They do not see the differences between one another, said Pua Chee Ling, Chief Executive of Dika College who added that children can sometimes be our best teachers. At Dika we celebrate diversity and embrace inclusion.  This has been and will always be a Dika beacon.To learn more about Dika College and its range of programmes, please log on to www.dika.edu.my or call 03-80706223.