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Dika College
The Dika Profile: A Mission to Inspire Aspiration   

The Dika commitment to education has and will always be navigated by the belief that an endearing and collaborative bond with our students forms the impetus that empowers 21st century global citizens.

Guided by our vision “Inspire to Aspire”, Dika is unyielding in our commitment to enrich students with the wisdom that cultivates and nurtures progressive academic aptitudes and character attitudes. Built on a foundation of industry-based-learning and research, and strengthened through dynamic and vibrant teacher-student relationships; our academic curriculums instill professional competency and social confidence. Complementing this is our energetic engagement in academic and industry discourse to make certain our programmes embody industry benchmarks.

In 2018, Dika saw an exciting academic programme expansion initiative; beginning with the launch of the first and only internationally-recognised 3+0 Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) with New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC). Subsequently, we introduced the Edupreneur programme, a first-of-its kind in the country to feature an innovative curriculum that grooms students to go out into the world to create job opportunities for themselves and for others. Next followed the Diploma in Business Management and the Accelerated English Programmes, which curriculums are geared towards honing students with the skills and knowledge to launch, expand and lead successful careers.

In the same spirit, Dika’s international academic affiliations with our counterparts at the University of Gloucestershire, Teesside University, University College Birmingham and James Cook University Singapore, are kept abreast through a progressive and enlightened relationship focused on exploring industry and global trends.

To further establish our role as an educator for all, Dika collaborates with our sister company, International Special Needs Children Edu Hub Sdn Bhd (ISNC) to provide industry advisory and insight, which we draw from our pioneering experience in early childhood and special needs education since our inception. Dika looks upon special education as our obligation and this branch of education will always be a priority which we passionately pursue and nurture.

Dika’s industry-relevant curriculum has augured well for our graduate employability, which registers an annual average of 90 percent or higher. Our alumnus are quick to scale the career spectrum, either by assuming higher roles and positions; or by proving themselves adept to a wide gamut of roles within the education industry. Dika’s early childhood education graduates are part of the top 20 percent qualified early childhood educators in the country; and our special education graduates are highly regarded as the nation’s special needs education professionals.

In going forward, Dika continues to join forces with our stakeholders to affect positive change in our communities. These initiatives are led by many of our alumnus who have been inspired 1

by their education experience, and in turn, are aspiring to be the change they wish to see. We want to walk alongside these trailblazers of change and through synergistic initiatives, create empowering opportunities that will make the world a better place. These are exciting times and Dika is thrilled to be part of the shining opportunities that are waiting to be discovered.


The name Dika College or fondly known as Dika is derived from the proverbial Malay term “Didikan Kanak Kanak”, meaning to educate young children. Incepted in 2003 on a vision and driven by dedication, Dika’s success with the education of young children, has paved the way for the institution to navigate and affect the functions of education with greater breadth and depth.


Dika College offers various classes catered for full-time or part-time studies. Classes are offered on weekdays, weeknights and weekends.

Our Diploma program consist of Inclusive Education as an introductory to Special Education. Our students also have the opportunity to take up other Special Education subjects thus giving them a wider leverage in furthering their ECE studies or securing a job opportunity.
With our specially designed modules and integrated learning method, our graduates have job secured even before graduation.
Our educators have extensive experience in early childhood education and are highly abreast with early childhood learning pedagogies.
We believe that students achieve the fullest potential of learning through hands-on practical activities. Our modules consists of integration between classroom-based learning and practical-based learning.
Dika College helps secure relevant practical trainings for students to ensure they will get the right job experience and exposure. These jobs are not as interns or trainees, but hands-on ECE educators.
Our modules cover all early childhood approaches from 0-8 years old, to ensure students are proficient in Early Childhood Education.