Coffee with Dika

  • Play: the bridge between you and your child

    Ever wonder how to manage your child’s behaviour in a non-threatening manner? How to improve your child’s self-efficacy and self-confidence via the day-to-day activities? Finally, how to allow freedom and provide autonomy to your child to make developmentally appropriate decisions? In this workshop, the speaker will highlight different techniques adapted from play therapy in relating

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  • PBL Creates Learning Story

    Project-based learning builds 21st century skills for today’s children. It helps them to develop skills for living in the future. PBL is an innovative approach that builds on children’s natural curiosity, enabling them to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate, reflect, and more. This session covers: ● 21st century skills for today’s student ● What is

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  • Inclusive Education

    Inclusive Education is becoming an important topic in the field of Special Education. How are we able to support a school to become inclusive and what can we do to make our school inclusive? Come and hear from our Speaker, Shamini Dewi, to learn more about Inclusive Education. Shamini Dewi Special Needs Coordinator, MindSpace Shamini

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  • Importance of Play in Early Childhood Education

    Play is a universal phenomenon and a right of childhood. It is a spontaneous, rewarding and fun with several benefits: Education: helps children learn and build skills that lay the foundation for learning to read, write and do math. Social skills: provides opportunities to socialize with peers of the same age, and to learn to

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  • Coffee with Dika – Law & Order for Your Business

    To be a successful manager or business owner, you must master the art of juggling. Managing or owning a business means having to take on multiple roles, from accounting to marketing to human resources. It is easy for managers or owner to sometimes ignore the human resources side of the business when things are running

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  • Managing Personal Finances Utilizing Microsoft Excel

    Our upcoming Coffee with Dika session’s topic is Managing Personal Finances Utilizing Microsoft Excel. It’s easy, fast and requires zero expertise. Learn how to better manage your savings, expenses, and investments through a highly practical Microsoft Excel workshop. Topic Covered: – What is “Time Value of Money”. – Calculate the interest and the principal portion

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