• Early Childhood Education

    In a society in which education of young children is recognized as being the foundation for their future learning, this early childhood field now demands well-qualified and dedicated practitioners with a sound understanding of the learning needs of young children. (more…)

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  • Special Education (Early Years)

    The need for special education teachers in preschool is expected to grow up to 9 percent before 2024*. Our Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) is designed to mold educators for young children with special needs. (more…)

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  • Business Management

    Emphasis on 5 Aspects: 1. Business Acumen & Industrial Training Sound business knowledge, principles & practices 2. Accounting & Analytical Skills Accounting, financial & economic tools to make business decisions 3. Business Communication, Collaboration & Partnerships Public relations, communication skills, leadership & ethics 4. International Markets & Exposure Globalized experience & international ventures 5. Entrepreneurship &

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