Short Courses

  • Safety & Health and Nutrition & Hygiene

    The health and safety of the Children with the special needs and the staff of the kindergarten and childcare center is the first concern of the Director and staff members. Maslow’s hierarchy provides special education teachers with a clear statement of the value of nutrition, shelter and safety in people’s lives. Students learn to identify

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  • Philosophy and Early Childhood Special Education in Malaysia and the West

    The programme aims to give an understanding and overview picture about National Philosophy of Education and Special in Malaysia. Students will also be informed of the several important source or key persons in early childhood and special education and their philosophical background in early childhood education and special education. TIMETABLE 16 March – 27 April

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  • Young Children and Mathematics

    Young children’s development of understanding and use of symbols for communication and thinking will be basic to this unit. The aim is to assist young children to develop problem-solving skills through using the curiosity of young children to explore numeracy in their world so that they are able to develop the logical mathematical knowledge to

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  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills (ICS 2512)

    Modern societies expect at all professional persons working in service industries have a high level of interpersonal and communication skills. Special education teachers who work with children with special needs are expected to be models of such skills, demonstrating their skills in their interactions with children with special needs and parents. There will also be

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  • Educating Children with Learning Disabilities

    This programme provides students with an introductory knowledge to learning disabilities. It also provides substantial knowledge and skills as to how students can identify such children using simple screening instruments and to prepare or design remedial programmes to meet with the special needs of children with learning disabilities. TIMETABLE 19th March – 19th May 2019

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  • Creating Learning Space for Young Children

    Young children within the security of well-planned physical environments that support social interactions based upon respect and acceptance. The physical and social environments of the progressive kindergarten support the emotional well-being, physical safety and intellectual development of each young learner in that kindergarten or learning centre. The use of quality learning spaces involves staff in

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