Short Courses

  • Observing & Assessing Young Children’s Development

    Observation is central to good teaching, and observation is founded upon knowledge of child development and learning. It is axiomatic that more knowledgeable the teacher is, the more perceptive and insightful will be the interpretations from which to teach. This unit will introduce students to techniques for observing and record keeping. Students will also understand

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  • Classroom & Behaviour Management

    The most effective form of classroom management is sound teaching and good educational practice. Yet there are times when teachers need to have the knowledge and skill to manage the issues and problems arising from the activities of children with severe emotional and behaviour disorders. This unit will assist students to observe children’s unwanted behaviours,

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  • Interpersonal Communication Skills (ICS 144)

    Modern societies expect that all professional persons working in service industries have a high level of interpersonal and communication skills. Teachers who work with children are expected to be models of such skills, demonstrating their skills in their interactions with children and parents. This unit will begin with an assessment of each student’s abilities in

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