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  • Finance 101 Workshop: Finance for Non-Finance Managers

    Are you a business owner but not sure what finances are / mean? Do you know where you are generating income or losing money? Running a business can be tricky, and it is best to be equipped with finance know-how, so you will appreciate the status and financial health of your business. Dika College is

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  • Creating Learning Spaces for Young Children

      The environment where a child learns is as important as the teacher, the quality of education and his/her peers. Without the feeling of security and happiness of learning, the child may not enjoy education as much as those who do. There is still time to join our 5 days intensive workshop to be held:-

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  • Making Special Education Inclusive: A New and Collaborative Way Forward

      Making special education inclusive:  A new and collaborative way forward   Pua Chee Ling of Dika College, and Tanya Elizabeth Catterall and Joanne Marie Charman of Autism New Zealand, (ANZ) shared their thoughts on why and how special education must be made inclusive within the school, work and community system; and the urgency for

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      Hi everyone, I’m Norhamimah binti Nazaruddin and this is my story. After my Form Five I did a Diploma in Culinary Arts at UiTM Shah Alam. When I completed by studies I volunteered for two years for the Johor Bahru Spastic Association, after which I moved to KL to work as a Guru Sandaran

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  • Academic Activity: Dialogue in the Dark

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      THE UNSEEN CONVERSATIONS: DIALOGUE IN THE DARK IS PERCEPTION A REALITY? True for most not for some. Wikipedia worded “senses” as a psychological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception. Typical humans have 5 basic senses: sight (vision), sound (hearing), taste (gustation), smell (olfaction), and touch (somatosensation).  What if one of the basic

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