If the World Knew

By Jessica Latha


If the clouds knew how much I love you,

they would pour out rain after hearing my pleas to be with you, 

If time knew how much I need to be with you, 

it would have frozen that very moment when I was in your arms

If days knew how much I long to hold your hand, 

they would have never passed from the last time we met,

If the dandelions knew how many beautiful wishes I have for you,

they would grow everywhere I pass

If the rainbows knew how much I want you to be happy, 

they would appear on skies you walk beneath 

If the moon heard my cries, it would shatter at this very moment.



Poetry is something that Jessica Latha does for enjoyment. It is a means of expressing her emotions about significant events that happen in her life.

She chose this excerpt from a piece she wrote that relates to children. When Jessica began teaching, she was given a class of four year olds. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, months into years, she developed a very personal bond with the children. She began to regard them as her own.

Jessica Latha, 20, is currently pursuing her Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Dika College.  She is also a full-time teacher at a kindergarten. According to Jessica, if the words in a story describes a painting, then poetry is the painting itself. And so she became the “Wild dreamer” – daring to dream deep and far.

Here she shares with us the motivation for her passion that makes the colours in her life.


Like any educator who has deep passion for their work, I began thinking of the children’s’ futures. I would think about their happiness and success when they grew up. Their adorable smiles must never fade and their cheerful laughter must always remain the same. Often times, I would think of them growing up in the horrific reality we face in this day and time.

During these times, I only wish and hope for the best for them. The four year-olds are now six, and they will “graduate” from kindergarten this year. In time to come, I want to see them genuinely happy, as happy as they are now. I truly love the children and I believe this career I have chosen is the certainly the best. Along with other educators, I intend to make a difference, one child at a time.