Dika College’s programmes are designed to be industry relevant emphasising on practical teaching methods to help students at the work place. Dika College has established industry collaborations that enable easy access for students to gain work experience or to pursue a degree either locally or abroad.

Dika College’s track record in producing highly employable graduates is attributed to its specially designed programmes that include industrial projects, school visits, workshops and focus on experiences in the real world. Here students are not only kept abreast with current practices in early childhood education, they also get the opportunity to experience teaching young children with the integrated modules learnt at Dika College.


Dika College trains students to be educators with sound understanding of the learning needs of young children. The philosophy of the courses is to prepare students to become qualified professional educators and advocates of early childhood education.

The comprehensive academic programmes with its emphasis on practical placement that is offered at Dika College is one of the strategies of success. Its curriculum is specially designed to emphasis on the professional development of the students. This is achieved by being in touch with the primary industry players to acquire practical feedback. A majority of these industry players are select kindergartens where Dika College students get their practical training.


The teaching faculty at Dika College are from the Early Childhood Education Industry The teachers are experts in the early childhood education and challenge students with creative as well as practical teaching approaches. The criteria to become a Dika lecturer are expectedly high. They must have at least five years of working experience with young children. Lecturers are predominantly Masters and Bachelors degrees holders. Most of the lecturers at Dika College are also invested in the development of early childhood education in Malaysia.


Dika College has forged strategic partnerships with leading institutions in New Zealand, the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore in order to give their students the exposure they need to fare in the competitive international market. Through its degree programmes, students are given the option to study with an international partner in order to gain knowledge and experience of teaching trends at the international level.


At Dika College, students are guided with their studies through small group coaching. Emphasis is placed on providing students with a balance of cognitive, social and emotional development in the programme. Students are trained to be specialist educators in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.


Dika College is strategically located within a commercial hub with great connectivity. It is ideally located with excellent transport links within the Klang Valley via MRT, LRT and bus.

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The Dika Edge is focused on empowering students with 21st century skill sets, set against a sound academic backdrop; to develop and nurture them into trailblazing advocates who contribute positively to their personal and professional communities.

  • Dika’s visionary education fundamentals ingrains in students the wisdom to navigate their academic aptitudes and character attitudes in a direction that is guided by high moral and ethical values to be a positive influence to themselves, their families, at work and in their communities. 
  • Dika’s empowering education leadership has and will continue to nurture 21st century citizens who thrive in adversity and are inspired by the challenges they face; and as such are setting standards and leading active advocacy initiatives all across the globe to make the world a better place.


  • Dika’s student-centric curriculum focuses on an active student-lecturer engagement in an organic environment that spurs creative and collaborative mindsets, the building blocks of highly successful learning aptitudes. 
  • Dika’s curriculum is benchmarked after the latest global industry standards to offer students an unparalleled education experience, aimed at cultivating resourceful and self-directed individuals who will successfully cross global academic and career thresholds. 
  • Dika’s academicians fulfill the requirements of having industry experience and through their teaching pedagogy engage and prepare students for the real-world. In addition to caring for a student’s academic, social and emotional well-being, Dika’s teaching faculty is extremely committed to go beyond the call of duty to inspire their students.


  • Dika’s academic programmes are recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, alongside being accorded articulation agreements with leading international universities; ensuring students access to seamless and internationally-accepted academic pathways. 
  • Dika frequently engages with our academic counterparts in and through various activities that offer students insight, and wherever possible facilitate for students to leverage off the strengths and resources of our partners.


  • Dika has forged strong relationships with the industry, and we frequently engage our academic and industry stakeholders to ensure that the Dika academic programmes offer students a qualification that evolves with the dynamic changes occurring in the relevant fields.
  • Through our strong industry internship programmes, Dika students are guided by captains of the industry and mentored by the Dika academic team; setting forth an internship experience that secures global job opportunities.