#Diversity #Dika #MeltingPot 

The unity and diversity of the Dika College community are its key strengths. These melting pots of different cultures offer a unique perspective and experience, and it cultivates an appreciation for the colourful nation of Malaysia.

In support of the robust growth in the education scene, Dika College which turns 15 this year, continues to be committed to its mission of nurturing qualified and highly motivated graduates who will shape  Malaysia’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Special Education (SE) landscape.

As the college diversifies to include programmes in business and entrepreneurship, the conviction to infuse real-world dynamics in its programmes continue. This promise alongside the offer of an experience with an international edge, is instrumental in the development of graduates who are innovative and pro-active to the needs of the community.

In further making its unique brand of education accessible, Dika College employs collaborative engagements with like-minded establishments. Its strategic partnership with YWCA Malaysia is one such initiative, aimed at making ECE and SE accessible to women from marginalised communities in Sabah and Sarawak. This collaboration is paving the way for women from all walks of life to grace the portals of Dika College and go on to become successful educators in their communities.

Dika is steadfast in instilling and upholding virtues that will contribute to nation building. Whilst staff and students celebrate and embrace the unique values of being Malaysian, they are constantly reminded to also embody these values as global citizens.

To learn more about Dika College’s academic programmes, log on to https://dika.edu.my or call 03-8075 6223

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