The challenges faced in the 21st century are daunting; and the skill to creatively adapt in this ever-changing environment is crucial. Education is a critical part of this response; yet getting it right in a child’s life is the key to his lifelong well-being. This has led to an awareness for early childhood education (ECE); apparent around the world with countries implementing policies that focus on improving access to and support for ECE services.

As the sector grows, so have the overall ECE industry and its network of systems involving all levels of public governance; and encompassing private and non-profit organisations. Whilst each entity plays a significant role in enhancing ECE, it is imperative that everyone comes together to collectively raise the standards of ECE experience for all children.

It has never been more pertinent for all stakeholders beginning with parents, right through to every person who comes in contact with the early development of children, to understand the importance of keeping the well-being of every child at the heart of their initiatives. It is time to reflect if we are #initfortherightreason. It is time to UNITE.

Promising a unique approach, the two-day event features an innovative programme that comprises keynote addresses, networking sessions and lively interactive workshops dotted by performances that expound the merits of performing arts in ECE methodology. The organisers of this inaugural symposium, Dika College Malaysia and Learning Box Sdn. Bhd. welcome you to share ideas, discuss challenges, discover opportunities and collaborate to build an ECE industry where we are all in it for the right reason #initfortherightreason.

Interactive Engagement Platform

Engage with eminent Malaysian and international experts

Lively dialogues in a social and relaxed setting

Hands-on workshops session with industry practitioners on how-to and strategise child-centred approaches

Network and discourse with a wide base of ECE stakeholders

Making special needs education inclusive

Relate with those who have triumphed in adversity

Share a sense of oneness through common initiative


The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” holds true especially during a child’s formative years. The benefits of interaction with other people are well-documented and appear evident in relation to increased levels of psychological health, emotional well0being and physical wellness.

It is therefore pivotal for a community to have a childcentred outlook that places the child at the heart of its interests.

What to Expect

The symposium proceeding will focus on initiating collaboration within the industry. With the child’s wellbeing always kept as a central concern, the symposium aims to encourage a united network that moves in solidarity to address the needs of all children. The objectives of the symposium therefore will focus on the participants being able to benefit from the following;

Attain insights on early childhood education methodology and industry practices from Malaysian and International experts.

Discuss avenues to make special needs education inclusive in schools and child-care centre.

Network and share challenges and experience, with each other and with the speakers, in a social and relaxed symposia environment.

Nurture a bond that will spearhead future collaborative efforts among participants within the ECE.

Play an active role in corporate responsibility in ECE and special need initiatives.

Event Details

Day, Date Saturday and Sunday, 18th-19th August 2018

Venue DWI Emas International School

Time 8:30am to 5:30pm


Early Bird RM180
(payment made before 30th June 2018)

Normal Rate RM250
(payment made after 1st July 2018)

(Fee include 2 teabreaks, 1 lunch, certificate of attendance and symposium materials, if any)


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Payment Information

Bank Name: CIMB Bank

Bank Account Name: Akademi Pendidikan Jati Sdn Bhd

Bank Account Number: 800 311 7474

Kindly Whatsapp your bank-in / transfer slip to 016-908 6223 or email to

Who should attend


Parents and Caregivers

Be aware of the needs of all children, especially those special needs, and foster partnerships with service providers and educators.

Policy Makers

Encouraging unity among stakeholders and benchmarking ECE after the best.

Teachers and Educators

Build better relationships with other stakeholders and benefit from the multi-faceted industry support.

Vendors and Consultants

Collaborate with other stakeholders to promote and nurture a positive ECE experience.

Principals / Administrators / Curriculum Developers / Service Providers

Provide greater stewardship for quality early childhood programmes and especially so in making special needs education inclusive.


As a person who engages with children on a day-to-day basis to learn and share your knowledge #initfortherightreason.

To further expand its effectiveness, the symposium will seamlessly integrate into its proceedings 10-minute prelude sessions that will expound the merits of performing arts used in formulating leading edge Early Childhood Education methodology.



Event Details

Day, Date: Saturday and Sunday, 18-19 August 2018

Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Venue: Dwi Emas International School

Fee: Early Bird (RM180) ; Normal Rate (RM250)

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Symposium Agenda


Saturday, 18th August 2018

Details soon

Sunday, 19th August 2018

Breakout Session 4

Meditation Techniques for Business Entrepreneurs