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There is an entrepreneur waiting to be discovered in all of us, but to unearth this inborn talent, there is a need to understand one’s self.

An edupreneur is an entrepreneur who works within an education sphere and who is mission-driven to bring positive impact. The role that edupreneurs  play is pivotal in building a 21st-century education mindset.

The Eduprenuer programme  offered by Dika College is setting a benchmark that challenges the boundaries of eduprenuer education.

Exclusive to Dika College, the programme was created and crafted by its academic team to creatively nurture the skills needed in the 21st century.

These skills as cited in a 2017 report by Bank Negara, in part, relate to confidence and self-esteem, communication, leadership, problem-solving as well as creative and critical thinking.

Unfortunately, the same report also stated that 78% of multinational companies would not hire Malaysian graduates because they lack these skills.

Dika College has signed a memorandum of agreement with Cavemen Asia, an award-winning, immersive simulation training company, to collaborate for the delivery of its Edupreneur programme.

“We are transforming the way we educate students.   They need to be educated in the dynamics of the real world,” said Pua Chee Ling, Chief Executive of Dika College.

“The key is to do this effectively and seamlessly, and that is the goal of the Edupreneur programme,” Pua added.

“This programme builds a business and entrepreneurship aptitude by  aligning a student’s learning experience with strategic industry literacy; through the use of powerful  real-time games  and industry pertinent experiences  that draws out behavioural tendencies and unleashes ones true potential,” said Pua.

Pua emphasized that a dynamic learning environment spurs self-learning and discernment, and that the role of educators is to create this vibrant environment to inspire students to be individuals who will lead the process of positive change.

“We want to continue our leadership in our brand of education,  and we are prepared to take bold steps on how we approach the process of education,” added Pua.

Pua explained that the Edupreneur programme will help students harness their potential and create a value for themselves. In return they will discover the abundance of opportunities waiting for them out there.

“They do not have to wait for someone to offer them a job. They will be able to create their own jobs and opportunities,” said Pua.

“Most business studies provide just the theoretical aspect. Only when you go for your internship do you get the practical value,” said Founder Jean-Paul Valdes who signed the agreement on behalf of Caveman Asia.

“Our programme is different as we will teach the practicality of running a business from the beginning and students will get immediate experience. Their knowledge will deepen far more than from just reading textbooks,” added Valdes.

 “The goal of the programme is to teach students about business and not just theories. It is taught by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. Our intention and goal is to enable the students to see the potential and possibility for themselves,” added Valdes.

Alongside providing students with business acumen, emphasis is also placed on the mastery and competency in the English language. In addition, students will be mentored through job placements that will allow them to hone real-world skills.

The Eduprenuer programme runs parallel to the academic programmes. Students can take the Eduprenuer programme simultaneously with their academic programmes. This inventive approach gets students to industry at a faster pace whilst empowering them to lead and stand out in their respective careers.

To learn more about Dika College’s Edupreneur programme, log on to https://www.dika.edu.my/course/edupreneur/