Keshshini Rajmogan

Hi! My name is Keshshini Rajmogan. I am 18 years old and I reside in Subang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. I have always been intrigued by and interested to know what goes on in the minds of children, even more so with those who are special. This played a big part in my decision to pursue the Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) at Dika College. 

I have a few hobbies that I am fond of.  Firstly I have a passion for playing the violin. I hope to achieve my Grade 8 in the next two years, and if at all possible, I want to further my studies in music. I also love calligraphy. When I had lesser commitments, I used to design and sell cards and posters. When I find the time, it always pleases me to let my imagination take flight through my calligraphy work. I would like very much to conduct workshops and share this art with others. 

I also love reading, horror stories especially. My all-time favourite book is Singaporean Ghost Stories by Russell Lee. Another liking of mine, which some may find unusual, is my fascination with superbikes. I find them a thing of beauty and the thought of riding one seems cool.  I know this is quite far-fetched but I do hope that I can race one someday. 

I find all my diploma subjects enjoyable. I have learned so much and the activities in class play a big role in helping me make relevant connections between theory and practice. In addition, we are encouraged to participate in field work, which gives us a glimpse of what happens in the real world. At a field session to a child care centre in Bandar Utama, I encountered a four-year-old boy who is hyperactive. It made me realise the challenges that I might face, but then it was also a motivator for me to reach out and do more social work.

My biggest inspiration in my life is my mom, Madam Vasanthi Naidu. She is strong-willed and inspires me to study hard, persevere, and be the best version of myself. Her never give up outlook in life is such an encouragement to me. I hope to be like her someday. I aspire to be a therapist and start my own center for children with special needs. I feel that I must do my best to play a positive role in a childs life.