Hello everyone, my name is Li Si Wei! I’m 20 years old from Ipoh, Perak. I’m currently pursuing Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) in Dika College. Because this programme is so specialized, I get the same question sometimes – why did I do it?

Initially, I wanted to take up psychology programme because I love the idea of being a psychologist, but after researching and reading about the course, I felt that psychology was too broad and too many things to learn. However, I still wanted to study something to do with understanding the human behaviour and about kids. But I was not sure what kind of programme that offer such a thing. After completing my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), I went to an education fair and I saw the word “Specialist in Childhood Education”. That attracted me to go to the booth and find out more. 

That is when I found out about Dika College. A counsellor named Tracy helped me a lot in identifying what I am passionate about and sure enough, Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) (DSE) suited me well. 

Another reason why I took up this course is that I remembered when I was doing part-time work during secondary school, I saw a lot of people, adults and children, with special needs and that other people were either scared of them or trying to look away. I was not afraid but I was not sure how to communicate with them. Partly why I did this Diploma was so that I can learn and understand children with special needs and help them because they are people too. 

What’s different about this programme? DSE has a lot of coursework and assignments to be done, but the class and assignments given are different than what I know from my friends who goes to other colleges. The lecturers allow and encouraged the class to be more proactive and creative in dealing every assignment given, so they are more like mentor and sometimes like a friend than just a lecturer.

Becoming a Dikaian is something I will remember forever. My classmates and I are quite close with each other. We constantly help each other out. We study and discuss together, and no unhealthy competition because each of us want the very best from our friends. Just like a family, we support each other through and through.