Hi everyone! I’m Lim Hui Yin, aged 22 years old. I’m a current student here at Dika College, studying the Early Childhood Care and Development under the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Programme. I was interested to take up this programme because I have a passion in teaching children and believe this industry can take me further for my future.

Since the SKM programme is more focused on practical / hands-on training, I think this is a great alternative to one’s traditional approach to the usual study pathway. Moreover, this programme will enhance one’s professional development especially if you are planning to be (interested in becoming) a teacher.

Before this, I never knew this option existed. But, after months of being in class I’ve gained new knowledge and skills that I never thought I would learn. Everyday in class, I feel more confident and I hope that my experiences here will be a great advantage to my future career. I’ve really enjoyed being in class every day and to be able to form new friendships, thus helping me build my confidence. 

I’m glad I decided to pursue my studies by going through the SKM pathway. It really opened my eyes to new possibilities and perhaps one day I can realize my dream as a teacher.

15th June 2020