Sia Poh Lis life philosophy reads; 

Stay positive and dont worry. Try your best, keep going and be happy. 

Everything will be fine!Here, she lets us in on significant events that have led her to her current pursuits, her love for children and reveals her hopes for the future.

Greetings! My name is Sia Poh Li. I am 29 years old and undergoing my Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) at Dika College (Dika). I am also an alumnus, having completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Dika.

I am very interested in the behaviour of young children. However, I am particularly fond of those who require special attention. My current favourite diploma subject is Understanding Young Children with Special Needs. The module helps me understand how I can support and care for children who have special needs. It also gives me a better insight into current and successful approaches to implementing inclusion in schools. 

My interest in working with children had me working at Tadika YUME, a kindergarten in Bandar Puchong Jaya, after my Form Five. After some years, I left to start my own kindergarten. The experience of starting a kindergarten was exciting and challenging; however, due to the lack of teachers, and some other issues faced, I had to close it down. I then went back to work with my previous kindergarten, which is now my current employer. 

Because I have a full time job, I attend weekend classes at Dika. My Principal, Pamela Phang is an inspiration and is very supportive. We both have a common vision. We believe that we must accept all children including those with special needs, and that we must always do our best for them. This was also the reason behind my decision to pursue my Diploma in Special Education. I want to upgrade my skills and knowledge, so that I can apply it to my teaching. I also want to encourage my colleagues to work more with children who require special care and assistance. 

When I was undergoing the Diploma in Early Childhood Education, I visited Rumah Charis – Home for the Children in Taman Yarl, Kuala Lumpur. There, I had an opportunity to interact with the children, and I observed that they were so grateful that people still cared about them. The bond that I developed with the children left me pondering how I could impart positive values to the young. 

The visit also helped me appreciate my roots and upbringing. I realised that we have to educate children to be grateful, and to always be appreciative. If we do not, they will focus only on materialistic things and develop an over-dependence on technology and gadgets, instead of engaging in activities which will help them bond with their parents and the community. I hope to play a role in educating children in the modern world to be responsible individuals who care for those around them.