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Lost and found
“Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without my parents!” said Leong Kai Chun who after her UEC, was at a lost at what she would do next. Although she innately knew that she loved children, it was the validation and the subsequent encouragement from her parents that had led her to her decision to take up Early Childhood Education. What stands out most when Leong speaks, is her courage to take the less trodden path in pursuit of what she feels is the right of every child – a happy childhood.

Leong 22, has always had an inherent love for children. “When I am stressed out, being with children makes me happy. I feel that children are a source of happiness,” enthused Leong who is the middle child of three siblings.

“My parents and I visited an Education Fair, and there I met counselors from Dika College,” said Leong who shared that Dika College’s position as a specialist in early childhood education was the motivation behind her decision to sign up for the Diploma in Early Childhood Education. “However because I have a UEC qualification, there were questions from my friends and relatives as to why I chose a diploma route over a degree; but I explained that the label diploma or degree was only a term to me,” said Leong.

Well worth it
Leong graduated from her Diploma in 2017 and according to her, she enjoyed every moment of it. “The lecturers at Dika College shared their industry experience with us and that made a real difference,” said Leong who explained that her classes were supplemented with activities that gave her a hands-on understanding on the subject matter.

“My diploma has given me a lot of insight; and what strikes me most is that teachers and parents must work together for the well-being of the child. Very often both sides are stressed out because they want what’s best, but both parties need to realise that they have to communicate better if they are to achieve that end,” expressed Leong.

Well on her way
“When I completed my diploma I just knew that I had to move on to a degree; and that I wanted to continue to do it at Dika,” said Leong who said that her lecturers had clearly made an impression on her.

“I am now doing my Bachelor of Science (BS) in Dual Licensure which is awarded by Trine University in the US, and I am looking forward to the one-year paid internship opportunity in the US,” said Leong who attends classes during weekends and works part-time during the week at Smart Reader Kids.

Leong shared what helps her teach, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. It is a quote by Ignacio Estrada and it was shared with me by my lecturer Mr Mohan Dallumal. It never ceases to inspire me every time.”

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Leong Kai Chun
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Dual Licensure by Trine University, USA