Revathy Nagayah, 33 did not let a setback ten years ago derail her of her aspiration. Instead, she reclaimed her passion and is now on track to achieving her lifelong dream of being an early childhood educator.

“After I completed my SPM, I did a certificate course in early childhood education. Unfortunately the programme was not accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), and I could not get employment,” said Revathy who explained that she then had to take up an office job.

“Somehow, things just did not sit quite right and I felt that something was amiss in my life. I had to get back to what inspired me the most – children,” she added.  “I left my job and I enrolled in the Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Dika College.”


“On my first day of class, my thoughts were only focused on completing the course. By the end of the day, the end game had changed,” shared Revathy. “I was so inspired by the enthusiasm and passion of my lecturers that I decided I would not just pass the class, I wanted to excel in it,” she enthused.

Since that first day, Revathy said that she had enjoyed every single class. “I was eager to attend college every day. My parents saw how involved and engaged I was with my classes and assignments, they supported me one hundred percent,” she added.

Revathy shared that the lecturers at Dika are very experienced and they made a sincere and invested effort to connect with their students. “Dika is not a college, it is a family,” said Revathy who was keen to share that the lecturers were also very professional and well-prepared for every lesson.


In 2017 Revathy graduated top five in her class. “It was a dream come true, not only for me, but for my parents,” said Revathy. “In February this year, I enrolled in a degree programme  in early childhood education. There is just no turning back and I am determined to go all the way,” she added.

“I believe that children are unique. They have different talents and it is the responsibility of the educator to help a child discover their talent. I have seen a child’s spirit being crushed when they are forced to do something that they do not enjoy,” said Revathy who emphasised that children must enjoy the learning experience. “In order for that to happen, they must do what they love,” she added.