• Sharmla Nair

    Sharmla Nair

  • Revathy Nagayah

    Revathy Nagayah

    Dika Alumni
    A Dream Realised Read More >
  • Jun Tang

    Jun Tang

    Dika Alumni
    Special education is a highly rewarding job. You learn to accept and appreciate different forms of abilities, not only in others but also in yourself. Read More >
  • Wezlyana Augustin

    Wezlyana Augustin

    Dika Alumni
    Education is a powerful weapon #earlychildhoodeducation #dika www.dika.edu.my Read More >
  • Nicole Leong

    Nicole Leong

    Dika Alumni
    Nicole Leong, 22, spends up to ten hours a day at work, but she says that it’s all worth the while when parents tell her how much they see their children enjoy school. Read More >
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