• Isana Jeffri

    Isana Jeffri

    Current Student
    Dika College has provided me with the convenience of studying and working at the same time with its part time Diploma in Early Childhood Education course. Read More >
  • Jacinta Joseph Achamby

    Jacinta Joseph Achamby

    Current Student
    Besides being recognized by MQA, I chose Dika College because of its flexible timing which gave me better time management options between by family, work and studies. Read More >
  • Sim Wen Bin

    Sim Wen Bin

    Current Student
    The comprehensive Early Childhood Education programmes offered in Dika College inspired me to pursue my Diploma in Early Childhood Education as the college is a well-known specialist in this sector in Malaysia. Read More >
  • Periscilla a/p Gunasegaran

    Periscilla a/p Gunasegaran

    Current Student
    I fell in love with Dika College since day one! I’ve had 4 years of experience in teaching prior to joining the college, but I realized that I had almost zero knowledge in any academic theories or even what is a Physical Education (PE) class. Read More >
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