I believe in my work. I believe that I must not run away from this responsibility. I facilitate others who wish to make a difference. Together, we support the children.

When I was in school, I attended a National Assembly held by Special Needs Schools. The students from the schools gave performances which I found so captivating, almost magical. When the assembly ended, I realised that children with special needs were real. They were not a figment of my imagination. 


At the same event, I encountered a boy who was mute. He tripped in front of where my father and I sat, and even though it was of no fault of his, he apologised profusely. I was touched by his politeness. I knew then that I wanted to be a friend to those with special needs, and today I am privileged to be working with these very special people. 

Norhamimah Binti Nazaruddin,
Dika College Alumnus and Special Education Teacher

who works with children with Cerebral Palsy

On Sundays, I run classes for children with Cerebral Palsy at a mosque. Very few show an interest in learning more about the children. Sometimes, I wonder if these children in wheelchairs are invisible to ordinary people. Even though there is a general increase in awareness, so much more must be done to bridge this divide. My classmates during the diploma were older, and they dealt with different categories of children with special needs. I was inspired by their positive energy. We all felt that the course was not for our benefit, rather it enabled us to contribute to society. I am forever grateful to have been a DIKA student. 

Happy 17th Anniversary Dika!

I graduated in 2009 as one of the first batch of students who took the Diploma in Special Education offered by Dika College. I am grateful for the opportunity Dika has given me. It helped me take my first step to making a difference in many lives. What I have learned at Dika, I have utilised for years to support, nurture, and educate the people around me, especially in creating more awareness about children with special needs. Here’s to more years of prosperity for Dika College. 


Best wishes,


Community-based activities create awareness, interest and desire among the public to do more for children with Cerebral Palsy.

The use of digital technology opens up a world of possibilities to help students with Cerebral Palsy encounter and experience the joy in learning

Real-world exposure: In their second year of study, students at Dika College are encouraged to take up opportunities to work. To make this possible, Dika College provides flexible timetables that allow students to take classes during weekends. This early exposure into the real-world helps students discover how suited they are to the profession, besides allowing them to receive mentoring from the lecturers on the demands of the real-world.

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