Brain Gym ® is a unique program of physical activities that synchronizes body and mind to enhance learning and achievement for people of all ages and abilities!


The foundational activities and methods of Brain Gym® are safe, easy and enjoyable, and they
bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in:

  • Concentration
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Stress Management
  • Behavior
  • Organization
  • Memory
  • Vision
  • Physical Coordination
  • Communication

Course Content

BG 104 Brain Gym ® 26 movement 16
BG 101 Brain Gym ® Balance for Daily Life 24
Assignment BG 110 Case studies for each movement + Clients Feedback
Brain Gym ® 26 movement facilitator training
Total Hours 64

Course Days

Thursdays and Fridays 2:00pm – 7:00pm (13 days)
Weekends Monthly or Weekly options (8 days)
Full Fee RM6,400 Contact us for promotional rate and freebies


International Licensed Brain Gym ® 26 Movements Facilitator CAN

  • Teach BG104 ‐ Brain Gym ® 26 Movements
  • Brain Gym ® Talk (max. 2h )
  • Brain Gym ® Introduction (max. 4h )
  • Introduce BG104 ‐ Brain Gym ® 26 Movements into their classes / schools and advertise.
  • Introduce the Brain Gym ® Facilitator’s logo on their websites

Trainer's Profile

Mdm Goh Siew Siew, M.Ed
Co-author of Brain Gym ® 26 Movements and Activities book


Mdm. Goh Siew Siew, M.Ed. is a registered international Brain Gym ® Instructor (for BG101, BG201 – Optimal Brain Organization, BG105 – Double Doodle Play, BG106 – Hands On, BG301 – Seven Dimensions of Intelligence, BG401 – Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum), Practitioner and Consultant since 2003. She holds a Master Degree in Education and is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Education and also a Faculty member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation (Brain Gym®) of MALAYSIA. President of Malaysia Brain Gym ® Association.


She has successfully used Brain Gym® in school as a pre-school and primary, music, art and an integration teacher. She regularly teaches Brain Gym® workshops nationally and internationally to interested groups like parents, teachers, college and university students, lecturers and professionals group from medical, para health organizations, nursing and education fields.

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