College holds special film screening

IT was an evening to remember for 200 guests of Dika College and International Special Needs Children (ISNC) who attended a special screening of award winning film “Guang”.

The screening held last month was aimed at creating greater awareness on autism. It was made extra special with the presence of lead actor Kyo Chen and producer Sabrina Wong.

Chen, who recently clinched the Best New Actor award for his portrayal of Weng Guang in the film at the 13th Chinese Youth Generation Film Forum in Wuhan, China, said he accepted the invitation by Dika College and ISNC as he wanted to make a difference.

In the film, Weng Guang is a young man struggling with autism and who tries looking for a job to help his family but faces numerous obstacles. Unknown to those around him, however, he has a special gift for music.

He said he was glad that Dika College and ISNC decided to embark on the special screening of the film, which is part of a corporate social responsibility programme ahead of the school’s opening in January.

ISNC is a special needs school, which aims to help children between the ages of seven and 12 who have learning difficulties, behavioural challenges, issues with attention and other development disabilities.

ISNC is supported by Dika College, a pioneer in early childhood education and special needs education. The college provides support and knowledge to ISNC through a team of academics and industry experts. Dika College chief executive Pua Chee Ling and directors Dr Sim Quan Seng and Low Lay Har are also the three co-founders of ISNC.

Wong said she hopes the film, which is set in Kuala Lumpur, will increase awareness on autism and how it affects people.

“We should treat everyone the same,” she added.

Dr Sim said the special screening of the film was for their guests comprising business associates, vendors and college students as they want more people to know about autism and to experience the real struggles faced by them and their families.

Low said people should take the cue from the strong message in the film that those with special needs are intelligent but may find it difficult to fit into society.

“The movie certainly touched me,” said Low.

Pua said ISNC will act as a one-stop centre for academics and therapy for children with special needs.

“It is a challenge for parents to find a one-stop centre, which caters for both academics and therapy for children with special needs and we are here to offer this solution.”


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