Entrepreneurs see an opportunity in a problem. They are resilient, optimistic and they strive for distinction in excellence; even in the face of great risks and challenges. A real entrepreneur never gives up!

Today, people are beginning to recognize that there is an entrepreneur in all of us. This has resulted in the need to understand one’s self – who we are, what drives us, what makes us want to wake up in the morning supercharged and ready to change the world.

The goal of the Education Entrepreneurship programme at Dika College is to give our students the opportunity to discover self, build confidence and character and be taught the spirit of entrepreneurship. They will be equipped and groomed to go out into the world to create job opportunities and make a positive impact on the society and community that they live in.

All modules conducted on parallel with Diploma and Degree

High impact delivery methodology by experienced academicians and industry experts

Industry coaching and mentorship during the course

Knowledge and experience in academic and work-related skills


The Education Entreprenuership programme creatively integrates entrepreneurship know-how with real-world exposure; achieving this through a series of relevant job placements supported with mentoring from Dika College’s highly qualified academicians and captains of the industry. The modules are unique to Dika College and features an inventive delivery methodology aimed at nurturing entrepreneurial leaders who are committed to the well-being of themselves, their family, co-workers, society and the environment.

The programme which runs parallel to the diploma and degree takes students on a discovery of themselves and how they relate with the world around them. It then equips students with integral values in team work and community service; alongside skills in leadership and financial literacy. Students will also be trained in the mastery of and competency in the English Language to prepare them for cross-border career mobility. Students will be mentored through their job placements to help them hone real-world skills; followed by comprehensive business coaching training.

Module Topics
  • Self-discovery
  • Character building
  • Image building
  • Communication competency
  • Job coaching
  • Team building
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Financial literacy
  • Community service
  • Business Coaching*

*Optional (with additional fees) for those who intend to kick-start their own business

  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • English Development
  • Career Advantage
  • Work (Part / Full time)
  • Mentor
  • Cavemen Training
  • Financial Literacy
  • Community Service
  • Cavemen (
  • Money Tree (