Dika College Alumni: A Couple’s Purpose

Dika College Alumni

A Couple’s Purpose

A husband and wife’s journey to do more for children
and for society.


A Life Planned Out

As an undergraduate, Lim Ban Seng was certain that he had his life all planned out. He was pursuing a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He had also met Ham Poh Kim, who was pursuing her Bachelor’s in Economics.  Well, that was right up until he helped organise a children’s camp. 

“After the camp, things just didn’t sit right with me,” shared Lim. “I wanted to do more for the children.” Lim dismissed his thoughts as a whim but the emotions just became stronger. “I felt that I had to choose a path that allowed me to contribute to society, particularly through children.”

Change of Plans

“After we graduated, Ham took up a job as a kindergarten teacher, until such a time that I would join her, which I did two years later,” said Lim, now 39. Lim and Ham, have since tied the knot and they have been running Tadika Aspirasi Murni in Serdang, Selangor since 2010.  

“We faced a lot of backlash from family members who chastised us for giving up the potential of being in well-paying jobs but we soldiered on,” said Lim, who added that it was also challenging for him to be in a job that was female-dominated. “It took some time for me to earn the trust of parents,” expressed Lim.

Forging Ahead

“Sometime in 2015, Ham and I signed up for the Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Dika College to equip ourselves with a formal early childhood education (ECE) qualification.” Lim stated that the practical and hands-on knowledge the lecturers shared became crucial in helping Ham and him improve their lesson plans and activities for the children. 

“I dare say that the method of teaching and learning I experienced at Dika was way more interesting than the experience doing my degree,” said Lim who was keen to emphasise that the lecturers at Dika went the extra mile for their students. In 2018, Lim and Ham graduated from Dika, with Lim earning the Top 5 Best Student Award.

No Stopping

One would think that running a kindergarten with 80 children and 11 staff would keep Lim busy. Yet, he continues to reach out. In 2018, he began visiting general hospitals to read stories to children. “The stories brought them so much excitement and took their minds off their fear, pain and discomfort,” said Lim who is looking forward to resuming his visits as soon as SOPs allow him to do so.

Lim and Ham’s passion to help is now being encouraged by the parents of the children who attend or have attended their kindergarten. In the recent floods, the contributions of parents helped raise over RM10,000 to buy electrical items for flood victims in Kg Tengah Baru, Puchong, Selangor.  

“I believe that when we work together for the common good, great things can come to be,” said Lim who added that he intends to continue his work with children for many years to come.

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Dika College graduates are leading change in various industry sectors throughout Malaysia and across the globe. They are successful in their chosen vocation as professionals in the early childhood fields. Many pursue further education, and some are volunteers and advocates for charitable causes.
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