Dika College Alumni Series: Nurul Husna Bt Abd Rashid

Follow Your Heart

“My mother is my inspiration. Thanks to her encouragement and support, I am
able to inspire the children under my care.”

Nurul Husna Bt Abd Rashid
Founder of  Taska Perintis Wawasan and 

Co-Founder of PW Learning Disabilities and Autism Care Centre

Nurul and mum

Nurul and mum in Guangzhou, China.

Eye Opener

A trip with her mum to visit kindergartens in Guangzhou, China, was an eye-opening experience for Nurul Husna Bt Abd Rashid. “How is it even possible that a class of preschoolers whose mother tongues are not even English are able to speak fluent British English? It was just mind boggling!” said Nurul, 23, from Dengkil, Selangor.

“I then realised that it was the total immersion in an English language environment that facilitated their effective learning process,” added Nurul, who explained that her parents immersed her in a similar environment growing up. As a result, Nurul and her sister speak fluent English.

No Stranger

Nurul is no stranger to the world of early childhood education. “When I was twelve, my mom opened a kindergarten. I see how she dedicates her life to what she does, and I see her satisfaction from caring for the children at her kindergarten. 

When I completed my SPM, I decided that I would start a nursery. So, I got a place to run the nursery, and I employed a few staff teachers. We took in 25 children, infants to four-year-olds, the year we started,” explained Nurul.

Emphasis On English

“I made a conscious decision to teach only English and Mathematics as I felt that children need a solid head start in these two areas. With so much knowledge available around us, especially on the internet, English is an enabler that helps children be resourceful learners,” said Nurul.

“At first, parents were resistant to this approach. However, they began to see how adeptly their children took to speaking English, and they began to understand the reason behind the method.” 

Special Education

“After my SPM, I enrolled in a multimedia programme but I did not complete the programme as the teaching methodology did not sit quite well with me. It was around the same time my mom voiced her concerns about children at her kindergarten who may require special education.”

“Something just moved me when I heard what my mom had to say. I had to do something for these children, and so, I decided to acquire a professional qualification in Special Needs Education,” said Nurul.

“I enjoyed my Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) classes tremendously. The lecturers were very knowledgeable; they were active practitioners in the industry. They gave us relevant and updated hands-on guidance,” said Nurul, who shared that she especially enjoyed the sessions in which she was required to prepare and present lesson plans.

Going for It

Nurul has her hands full these days. “Now that we are back in full operation post-lockdown, there’s a lot to be done,” explained Nurul referring to the three centres that she oversees. The latest addition is a centre for special needs children, which Nurul has always dreamt of starting. 

“My favourite part of the week is when I conduct an inclusive programme for children with special needs and those without special needs. I am amazed at how accepting children are of one another. In many ways, they are teaching me to see life in a whole different light.”

“If you are interested in studying Early Childhood Education or even Special Education, go for it. People around you may not understand your decision, but you will find the company of those who do if you follow your heart,” said Nurul


Dika College graduates are leading change in various industry sectors throughout Malaysia and across the globe. They are successful in their chosen vocation as professionals in the early childhood fields. Many pursue further education, and some are volunteers and advocates for charitable causes.

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