Dika College Alumnus: Giving Back – Ita Asup

Giving Back: Ita Asup’s Story

Dika College alumnus, Ita Asup (Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Class of
2019) shares her story of giving back to her community.

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Teaching at the ‘kampung’

Teaching in a kindergarten at an Orang Asli settlement in Gua Musang, Kelantan, Ita Asup is a 26-year-old preschool teacher who simply loves children. With 16 students ranging from the ages of four to six attending the kindergarten, Ita has her hands full. 

“I get to school by 7 a.m. to greet all ‘my’ children when they arrive. With the help of one assistant teacher, I teach the children and engage in activities and playtime with them,” said Ita.

Pic 2 - Tabika KEMAS Kg Kuala Wook

Tabika KEMAS Kampung Kuala Wook, Gua Musang, Kelantan

Having had experience teaching at both the city and the ‘kampung’, Ita says teaching children at the ‘kampung’ is a very different experience. 

“In the city, learning is very structured. There is one dedicated teacher who focuses on teaching groups of children segregated according to their age. However, in the ‘kampung’, it is quite the opposite. All the children, regardless of age, are lumped into one class. As a teacher, I need to divide my time between teaching the four, five and six-year-olds according to their level and skill of learning. It is not an easy task to do,” Ita added. 

Pic 3 - Arts and craft activity with kids

Making learning fun for the children through arts and craft activities

Ita, who previously worked in a renowned kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur for about four years, left the comforts of the city to teach children back home. “I felt it was my calling to give back to my community. Early childhood educators are important as they lay the foundation for education and discovery for a child’s future.  And thus, with the skills and knowledge I acquired from my Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Dika College, I felt that the right thing to do was to go back home and give back to my own community,” Ita said.

The opportunity came when Ita was offered training with KEMAS (Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat) for a period of three months after which she was offered to become a kindergarten teacher back at her hometown.

Pic 4 - Ita with the kids

Creating rewarding and memorable experiences with the children

“I started my new role running and teaching preschool children at Tabika KEMAS Kampung Kuala Wook, Gua Musang, Kelantan in August 2021. Work is tough but working with children is my passion, and I truly enjoy working here,” Ita said. 

“When a parent tells me about how his or her child came back home from school saying this teacher is very nice and school was so fun, it is the most rewarding experience for me,” Ita continued.

A valuable experience

Ita thanks the experience she gained from her Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Dika College. It has been very helpful in the work that she does today. The lecturers at Dika were encouraging and instilled in her a passion to work from the heart. To Ita, working with children feels so natural because she puts her heart into the work that she does, just as her lecturers had taught her. 

“To those of you who intend to give back to your community, my advice is to work from your heart and not for the money. Have passion in the work that you do, only then will the children truly benefit from your teaching,” Ita added.

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