Dika College Alumnus: Jessica Latha

Dika College Alumnus

Jessica Latha Nadarajah

Educator at Tadika Kristal Lavender

Behind our doors

We’re bound to be

Your pretty faces

I cannot see


The flowers of my heart

Are starting to wither

They bloomed

As you giggled together


Now, why is it that time

took us further

Only to realise

It’s keeping us safer


This too shall pass

I know for sure

We will be in class

This I assure.

A New Way Forward

When the kindergarten had to close during the Pandemic, the hardest thing for me was to be away from the children. Writing poems gave me hope that the worst would be over and that we could meet again soon.

I am thrilled that the day will soon be upon us, now that kindergartens are re-opening.  In some ways, I wouldn’t want to go back to what normal is in a classroom, because the Pandemic has opened my eyes to the immense potential that hybrid learning holds for a child’s mind and mental development.

Poetic Expressions

Poetry has been something I have been doing for enjoyment. It is also a means of expressing my emotions about significant events that happen in my life. These days, I use poetry a lot in my teaching.

Never in my lifetime could I have imagined that a virus would turn the world on its head. When the Pandemic struck, I was just handed the ‘keys’ to assume a bigger role at the kindergarten. I was to oversee the management of its curriculum and the teachers.

Almost overnight we had to shift gears to equip ourselves to teach virtually. Ensuring that the children receive continuous mind simulation became my biggest priority.

Ironically, this dark time gave rise to some bright revelations. I realised that I have to keep myself abreast with the latest know-how and have the courage to experiment with new and unfamiliar techniques.

It also made me discern the comfort that came from the support of fellow educators. Teamwork and collaboration are aspects there were greatly stressed by my lecturers in Dika College. I can now appreciate the worth of the knowledge they imparted to me.

I am inspired to create a better support system for educators where we can come together to provide assistance, encouragement and most of all, inspire one another to always do more for children.


Make A Difference One Child At A Time

POSITIVE STIMULATION: A visit to a farm where the children experienced feeding rabbits, sheep, goats, alpacas, horses and fish. File Pic courtesy of JESSICA LATHA NADARAJAH

I always think of the children’s future. I would think about their happiness and success. Their adorable smiles must never fade and their cheerful laughter must always remain the same.  In time to come, I want to see them genuinely happy, as happy as they are now. I truly love children and I believe this career I have chosen is certainly the best. Along with other educators, I intend to make a difference, one child at a time.

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