DIKA College Student: Constance Sor

For Children with Special Needs

By Constance Sor
Diploma in Special Education (Early Years)
Dika College Student

In this personal sharing, Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) student,
Constance Sor shares how the lockdown shone a light on a whole different
mission, one that she hopes would help children with special needs.

A Special Vision

I am a working mother with three children aged 17,15 and 11. I never imagined that I would do a course in special needs education. I was working as a car sales advisor, but I had this feeling that I wanted to do something in an area that involved education. 

I could just say it was a spiritual calling, rather mysterious but urging me to spread love and faith through it. So, I enrolled myself in the Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) at Dika College. 

An Inclusive World

All this while, I never believed that typical and special children can learn together until I took up the modules of  inclusive education and educating children with physical, hearing or visual impairments. 

These two modules provided me with a clearer picture of how quality education can be provided for both typical and special children to give them a fair chance. The module on educating children with physical, hearing or visual impairments especially made a great impact on me. 

Looking back at the assignment of handling a class with visual impairment to bake muffins, I never thought that it would work as well as it did when effective teaching pedagogy is utilised.

The Courage to Change

I never expected that I would leave my job as a car sales advisor, but the total lockdown affected the automotive industry because we had to close for two months. That led me to zero income which meant that I had to search for a stable job. Thankfully, I was recruited as an Assistant Centre Manager for Cherie Hearts Kota Kemuning, an international preschool. 

Nothing could have prepared me for the feelings that I would experience every time I see a child, typical and those who are special, respond to education positively. Every day, the children amaze me by their words and gestures.  I can safely say that I will be in this field (early childhood education and special needs education) for many years to come.

Staying Strong

Many times, human beings will give up easily on challenges we face as we are not sure whether the plan works. Strangely for me, things just happened accordingly through the plan and I have no doubt that I have to put extra effort to fulfil my dream in changing the thoughts of others on education.

I believe I will be wiser in guiding educators, parents and children to know more about special children. Always stay positive in whatever circumstances, and always be proud of who we are. There is always a way to overcome a challenge.

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