Dika College Student: Timothea Tan

Timothea Tan’s Journey: A Learned Passion


In this article, read all about Timothea Tan Pueh Ee’s views on the Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Dika College.

1) Could you tell me about the moment that inspired you to take up Early Childhood Education? 

Initially, I was not very keen on pursuing this programme. In fact, I enrolled in the programme only because my parents believed it was a good career path for me. After joining, I realised that the Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE) actually has a lot to offer.

I learned how important education is to a child’s development. Without education, the child would not be able to make proper decisions. With that said, I’m grateful that my parents led me down this path because it truly opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that early childhood education provides. 


2) Which class piqued your interest to embrace this program? 

I would say that the core modules, like CDP 102: Child Development, really helped to garner my interest in this program. This particular class is holistic and taught me how education acts as a foundation for everyone. 

Through this class, I came to understand how our childhood impacts us as we grow older, especially in terms of emotional connections. Thus, I began to enjoy this programme. 


3) Were there any projects that you particularly enjoyed? 

I was fortunate to have joined the programme in September 2019, just before the pandemic hit. This gave me a bit of time to get involved in a few projects. Unfortunately, I was only able to join a Fashion Show and some in-class activities before classes went online. Given that, I believe that I most enjoy doing group projects as it gives me a sense of accomplishment when my team and I do well.

Timothea Fashion Show

A Learned Passion: Tan and her classmates during a fashion show that featured recyclable materials.

4) Was it difficult to cope when classes went online?

When online classes started, I struggled to keep up as I’m not a very academically inclined person, but I was lucky to have a lecturer who reached out to me and helped me get back on track. 

I think that most people are afraid or embarrassed to reach out when they need help. Having said that, I found what this lecturer did to be inspirational and a truly memorable experience for me. Now, I’m doing well in class and look forward to attending more classes. 


5) Do you think you’re more willing to become an educator now as compared to when you first enrolled in the programme?

I wouldn’t say that I’m fully invested in becoming an educator at the moment, as I have no prior experience with the job. However, I do look forward to gaining that experience during my internship and I believe that the lecturers and classes at Dika College have prepared me for my internship. 


6) How do you feel about being a student at Dika College?

When you join Dika College, you’re encouraged to put your heart and spirit into it. They teach you that challenges are everywhere and what’s important is how you choose to overcome them. 

Hence, studying at Dika College has been an eye-opening experience and I’m eager to see what else is in store as I move into the second half of my diploma programme. 


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