Personality Assessment:

Self Discovery and Career Guidance

A survey discovered that 9 out of 10 people regret about their career choice! In other words, 90% of school leavers might regret about their career choice in the future! Wrong decisions were made due to many reasons including confusion, peer pressures, influence by parents, wrong assumptions, etc. If you do not want to become a victim of wrong decision, you have to choose a career that aligns perfectly with your passions, interests, strengths, and values. Our high accuracy personality assessment can help you understand yourself better, and hence making the right decision.

What Is My True Passion?

If you’re doing something connected to your passion, you would be lightened up, energized, and inspired, making you feel stronger and better. As a result, you will enjoy what you do, and nothing will stop you from getting your work done.

What Are My Strengths?

When you are doing what you are good at, you will be more productive and feel more fulfilled. After all, enjoying your career is much more important than earning a high salary or flashy title.

Why Am I So Emotional?

Emotional awareness helps you to understand what your current needs and desire are, so that you can take the right action immediately to better navigate your life challenges.

Who Am I Meant to Be?

A map is no use unless you know both the origin and destination. Therefore, if you know who you are, you can make the right decisions to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Then, you will know what you want to do or achieve in your life.

How To Maximize My Learning?

Each person has different learning preferences and styles that benefit them. Discovering your unique learning style and mastery of it will allow you to maximize your learning potential, and give you the best opportunity to succeed.

What Career Is Right For Me?

Once you have a better understanding of your true self, know where you started and where you are in your journey, you would be able to narrow down your options to a few possible careers, and determine a career path that best suits you and your character.

Making The Right Decision Is The Key To Success

Every decision you make has consequences. One bad decision can be a mistake, which can lead to an escalation of a series of mistakes. Don’t let it destroy your entire life. SPM and UEC leavers, if you still have wonderful hopes and dreams of your future, contact us now to find out how our FREE personality assessment* can guide you towards better-informed decisions, that will help you make your dreams a reality.

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