SKM:A Journey of Possibilities

Dika College SKM Courses
A Journey of Possibilities for Malaysians,
17 years old and above (with or without SPM or equivalent)

“We are passionate in the belief that everyone must be given the support and
encouragement to be educated. We believe that every small inspiration can ignite soaring aspirations.”
Kenny Sim, Chief Executive, Dika College

A Pathway to Lifelong Learning

“Results in a particular examination do not define who we are. We are all born with gifts and our unique potential. Therefore, never give up, more so when there are educators who care about your future,” Sim stated.

“Our programmes are developed in line with the industry’s trends and needs in order to provide students with the knowledge and sought-after skills to enter the work market fully prepared.”

“This is why we applied for our SKM programmes to be conducted in the English language. The Department of Skills Development, who are the regulators, have allowed us to do so, making Dika the first in Malaysia with this edge.”

“More importantly, our faculty members place great emphasis on an education that highlights competency in equal measure to life values,” added Sim.

A Focus on Skills

According to Yeoh Ai Ling, Head, Group Sales & Marketing at Dika College, the SKM courses at Dika are offered at Level 3: Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM 3).

“What this means is that our SKM programmes are crafted to provide students the competence to perform a broad range of complex and non-routine work,” explained Yeoh.

Dika College offers two SKM programmes which are open for registration for the January 2022 intake:-

SKM in Early Childhood Care and Development Education


 SKM in Early Childhood Care and Development Education. Filepic

  • The SKM in Early Childhood Care and Development Education develops a strong fundamental understanding of the various aspects of early childhood education, especially in honing practical skills for various aspects of daily childcare and hands-on support requirements for childcare centres.
  • The course is a pathway to either the Diploma in Early Childhood Education or Diploma in Special Education (Early Years). 

SME Administration Support Services


SKM in SME Administration Support Services. Filepic

  • Recently added, the SKM in SME Administration Support Services is a business-related course that develops a broad understanding of business organisations and how business works. 
  • These include an understanding of markets, customers, operations, communication, information technology, accounting, finance, and business policy and strategy. 
  • It is also suitable for individuals who are keen on acquiring administrative skills that will help them manage child care and early childhood education establishments.
  • The course is a study pathway towards the Diploma in Business Management.

A Course for All

Yeoh emphasised that the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia or Malaysian Skills Certificate programme at Dika College is an education pathway that is open to all Malaysians, 17 years old and above (with or without SPM or equivalent).

“Even if you have left school 10 years ago and do not have the relevant experience or qualification, you are able to join the SKM programmes,”  said Yeoh.

“Having completed and passed the course, students can progress to the diploma programme. This will put them well on their way to a degree, master’s and even PhD qualification.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to explore the education of young children through teaching, management, entrepreneurial, curriculum development, creative, regulatory and R&D related careers,” added Yeoh.

From SKM to Diploma


Janne Teh: Completed SKM in Early Childhood Care and Development Education and currently pursuing
the Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Dika College.

“After my SPM, I worked in various jobs including being an assistant teacher at a kindergarten. Ten years on, I realise that experience alone is not enough and without the proper qualification, I felt that I was not doing justice to the children. 

I chose Dika College because it is well known as a specialist in early childhood education. The SKM gave me an opportunity to continue my higher education as I didn’t do very well in my SPM. I am now in the second year of my Diploma in Early Childhood Education,” shared Janne Teh, a student at Dika College.


Joselyn Goh: Completed SKM in Early Childhood Care and Development Education and currently pursuing
the Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) at Dika College

“Thanks to Dika, I have successfully completed the SKM in Early Childhood Care and Development Education, which I undertook after my IGCSE. 

“I chose to continue to the Diploma in Special Education (Early Years). The SKM has helped me discover my goal and it will be a meaningful achievement to me if I could help children with special needs,” said Joselyn Goh Wee Sim, a student at Dika College.

Robust Demand

“As an educator, you can influence the future in a way that no other profession or career can. You are in the position to mould confident children, nurture resilient adults and build communities that will uphold life values that transcend generations,” said Sim, adding that there is strong demand for early childhood education and special needs educators in Malaysia and abroad.

“Based on the latest data released by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM) 2020, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia constituted 97.2% of total business establishments. There is a sturdy demand for employment by the SME sector for suitably qualified personnel, as well as by the early childhood sector in the area of operations and management,” he added.

Game changers

Sim shared that, in the 17 years since its inception, many Dika College alumni have gone on to be game changers who are pushing the envelope and setting benchmarks in the sectors that they are in. 

“I am glad that Dika has inspired them to pursue their aspirations. Their stories are admirable as they are inspirational. The team and I look forward to helping students embark on their journey of possibilities,” he added.

January 2022 intake is open for registration:

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