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As a lecturer teaching the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) programme, I have witnessed how students grow in terms of their self-confidence and self-awareness. 

I believe that the structure and delivery of the SKM programmes at Dika College help students see their potential.

This is because we show students that what they learn is what they can apply immediately at work. We also make classes fun so that students find learning enjoyable.

Our SKM programmes are designed to provide students with knowledge, which is strengthened through a lot of hands-on exposure.

The hands-on sessions are based on subtopics. Students are required to conduct at least one hands-on session for every subtopic. 

Some examples of hands-on sessions taught in class are how to bathe a baby, how to give a baby massage, how to groom a baby, and so on. 

Normally, SKM programmes are pathways to a Level 4 (Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia) & Level 5 (Diploma Lanjutan Kemahiran Malaysia). 

Dika’s Level 3 SKM programme is special because it is a pathway for students to progress to an MQA-approved diploma, and thereafter even to a degree, Master’s and PhD. 

Additionally, Dika is the only institution, at present, approved to offer the SKM in the English Language.

Nothing makes me prouder than to see my students moving on to pursue either a Diploma in Early Childhood Education or a Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) at Dika College.

I am often asked, “What inspires me?” My answer to this question is always, “My students are my inspiration. Their motivation is what drives me to do my best.”

Nalini A/P Lohanathan
SKM Programme Coordinator

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