Student Activities:Communicate to Create Impact for Teachers

Student Activities

Communicate to Create Impact for Teachers

A workshop organised by the Dika Student Committee

Children are intuitive beings, and they can identify the real essence of the people around them. If a teacher enters a class smiling but feeling angry, children will see the annoyance seeping through the cheeriness.

Renowned peak performance speaker, Coach Hanky guided participants from Dika College to recognise the power of a range of actions, from the simple act of smiling to the empowering ways of communicating effectively.

Here are some main takeaways from the hour-long interactive workshop.


Be aware of and understand the different choices of communication at hand to increase your communication success. For example, instead of always merely giving instructions, decide if it would be better to coach, advise, mentor, consult, teach or train a person.


Be mindful of our intent as it drives ‘essence’, which is the foundation of trust in communication. For example, if our communication instils fear, we are likely to get a freeze, flight or fight reaction.


Be conscious of the expectations that we may be intentionally or unintentionally demanding from the way we communicate. Anger is often the result of the lack of fulfillment of expectations. It may be wise to trade our expectations with appreciation.


Be present by moving from automatic and emphatic listening to contextual listening to listen for the unspoken. For example, a person who is looking for an orchid (content) will never be able to find it in a desert (context). Therefore, it is important to change the context if we desire a different content.

Participants share what they took away from the session:


Kaarthini a/p Nagentharan
Diploma in Special Education (Early Years)

I got an insight into the mindset of an effective communicator and the tools that one can use to make communication more effective. It was exciting to learn some of the tools that I can use to make someone feel comfortable, almost like we have known each other forever.

The workshop also gave me a better understanding of how I can use questions to communicate effectively with children and parents.  I am sure this will be extremely useful for my work as an educator.


Allyssa Shannen Boudville
Diploma in Special Education (Early Years)

I was the host of the workshop. I have a fear of speaking in public, but the coach was very encouraging. This was a big step for me, and I am glad I had the opportunity to take that step. 

This was a workshop that the students had requested, and I am pleased that we (Dika Student Committee) were able to work with the college to organise this informative session. What I took away from this workshop are the following:

  • Importance of communicating and how communication skills can impact us as educators. 
  • The ways to convey messages whilst taking people’s feelings into consideration. This will help me in dealing with my students and their parents.

Angela Akiau
Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I was greatly intrigued by how important eye contact is, and as educators, we must be always ready and alert when we are with children. 

As a new educator, the interactive session helped me boost my confidence.  It also helped me better understand my students so that I can communicate effectively to recognise, understand and cater to their individual needs.

We are all capable and more importantly, worthy of being people who can be effective communicators. However, we must ensure that our belief systems, which form the contexts in our lives, are enabling us to do so. For this, we need to make decisions from a position of confidence and positivity, and to be responsible for and empowered by our resolutions.

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