The People

Mohan Dalumal

Senior Lecturer

A profilic academician, avid writer
& sought-after speaker

Mohan Dallumal regards his work with children as his calling in life and has been an active proponent of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Malaysia. His experience in the industry spans over 40 years and includes his role as the principal of several leading private schools namely Sekolah Sri Murni, Sekolah Seri Cahaya, Sri Perkasa Bernas private school and Krista College where he set new benchmarks in the quality of education.

Samantha Lee Nouyi


A specialist in Early Childhood Education

Samantha Lee Nouyi specialises in early childhood education, with a particular emphasis on the dynamics of teaching young children using current and new methods. She has extensive experience in early childhood education, having served in numerous childcare centres, kindergartens and primary schools in Malaysia and Australia.

Venus Lim Ee Chiew

Lecturer & Course Coordinator for Diploma in Special Education

(Early Years)

An advocate of creative teaching using music & arts

Venus Lim Ee Chew is a full-time lecturer and a Diploma in Special Education (early years) course coordinator at Dika College. A keen enthusiast of music, she is known for her creative teaching and learning approaches. Venus encourages her students to be innovative, current and flexible in their thinking.

Sukie Cheah Sook Fun


Education is one of the ways to break through the cycle of poverty, therefore every child deserves the chance to learn and to dream.

Sukie Cheah graduated as a nutritionist, but she discovered her passion and interest in teaching children when she started a short stint in kindergarten in 2005. She was captivated by the children’s cute smiles and sparkles in their eyes when they understood a concept that she taught. She started teaching a class of age 6 children, fell in love with the job and never looked back since.

Nalini AP Loganathan


An educator with a distinctive commercial edge

Nalini is a full time lecturer and a Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) course coordinator at Dika College. She joined Dika in 2019. Upon joining Dika College as a lecturer her vision is to train SKM students to be high quality early childhood educators especially in honing practical skills and encourage them to continue their pathway to Diploma.

Nor Hannah Binti Shahruddin


Early childhood practitioners are more than just teachers. They are our country’s assets to a brighter future.

Hannah is a full-time lecturer at DIKA college. She has dedicated her adult life to early childhood education completing her certificate (Children Services & PERMATA), Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and Degree (HONS) in Early Childhood Education while simultaneously working or managing preschools and child care centre since 2006. Her passion in early childhood grew from her mother’s teaching and managing experiences in early childhood centres; which makes her feel that she grew up in the early childhood industry.

Shashidran Muthu


Mr Shashidran graduated from University of East London in MBA and has Cambridge Teaching certificate. He has 15 years of teaching experience both in Business Management & the English language and even managed an English language centre for 6 years. Mr Shashidran strives to encourage students to think beyond the books and course materials to create an intuitive, creative and visionary mindset; ready to face the challenges of the industry.

Peggy Chua Yoke Ching


An educator with innovative teaching approaches

Peggy Chua Yoke Ching has dedicated her life in immersing herself in a preschool environment and working with children. In further pursuit of professional early childhood education, she first joined Dika College as a student in 2010, and came back to become a part-time lecturer two years after graduating and later a full-time lecturer in 2015.

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