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#The GiftOfFriendship


“Diving into the unknown, sink or swim with our own rafts, enduring a nine obstacle course and doing it all over again. At times we were not sure if we would survive this outdoor adventure,” enthused Dika student Lim Shang Yi. Lim and her 21 other course mates, together with three staff members of the college spent two tiring but inspiring days at Agrofarmstay in Malacca.

The trip, organised by the student committee, of which Lim is the Secretary and Treasurer to, is a team building initiative aimed at strengthening the bond between students. It is opened to all Dika College students.

#VictoryOf Achievement

“When you have long hair and it gets tangled in the mud three times a day, it can get to you,” lamented Lim. “We all came back with our “warrior scars”,” said Lim explaining the bumps and bruises the participants received as “gifts” from the event. “However, the gift of friendship that prevailed is more valuable than the black and blues we adorned,” added Lim.

Lim explained that the experience taught her the importance of supporting one another. “Some of the lessons we learnt at the camp can be related to how teamwork is so integral in coursework and assignments,” said Lim who emphasised that those who can, must support those who need a nudge. “The victory of achieving something together is far sweeter than getting to the finishing line alone,” she said.


Alongside the activities were sessions delivered by a team of trainers from Agrofarmstay. “It was also great that we could enjoy the experience with members of the Dika staff who have always been supportive of the student council initiatives,” said Lim.

Lim was keen to share that the best take away from the trip are the life values that would make them better educators in the future. “We live in a multicultural world and diversity makes the world a vibrant place,” she said adding that each child is unique and deserves the patience, support and understanding of an educator.

“No man left behind is an inspiration I keep close to my heart. When we embrace this, so will our children,” added Lim who hopes that through love and support between human beings, the world will stand to be a better place.

“Events such as these expose students to real-world experiences in a creative and organic environment. This helps students understand the dynamics between each other and encourages bonding,” said Subahsini Sritharan, Assistant Student Service Manager, Dika College.

Dika’s vision #InspireToAspire ensures that students are instilled with values that will make them resourceful and resilient individuals. In securing this, creative and inventive educational approaches that go beyond the scope of the classroom, are embedded within the academic experience. To learn more about Dika College and the range of programmes offered, please log on to or call 03-80706223.

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