• Aspiring to lead change in Early Childhood Education

    by admin | May 28, 2017 | Media
    Chua Menn Sze – Class of 2015 Top 5 Best Student Award Recipient Our graduates are leading change in the various industries throughout Malaysia and the nation. They have gone on to serve the ECE industry in various capacities including educators, entrepreneurs, motivators, writers, speakers and more. “Thoughts are embedded in us and ideas to a solution came out naturally during discussions. ...
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  • Understanding, Connecting and Supporting Learners with Special Needs

    by admin | April 20, 2017 | Media
    The importance of Early Childhood Education (ECE) as well as Special Needs Education is on the rise in Malaysia. Hence, the need for ECE practitioners to constantly upgrade themselves in knowledge and understanding of this sector is crucial especially when it comes to children with Special Needs. In addressing this, Kolej Dika organised a public awareness campaign called ‘Understanding, Connecting ...
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  • A High Achiever’s Perspective

    by admin | April 5, 2017 | Media
    Low Fong Leng Top 5 Best Student Award, Class of 2016 Aspiration When I embarked on the portals of learning – all at the age of 48, I thought of it as part of my lifelong quest for knowledge and at the same time treated it as a challenge to better myself. It was my dream to advocate for inclusion of people with ...
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  • Understanding Children with Special Needs

    Understanding Children with Special Needs

    by admin | March 17, 2017 | Media
    Do you want to know more about children with Special Needs? Do you know how to get assistance for children with Special Needs? All this and more information were made be available for parents and educators from the Klang Valley at the recent campaign and forum held at Kolej Dika in Puchong. Aptly called ‘Understanding, Connecting and Supporting Learners with Special ...
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  • Shaping and Raising the Standards of Future Early Childhood Education

    Shaping and Raising the Standards of Future Early Childhood Education

    by admin | February 28, 2017 | Media
    Chee Ling Pua, the CEO of Kolej Dika has a great vision for the early childhood and special education field in Malaysia. At the helm of one of the thriving early childhood education (ECE) institutions in the country, she is focused on shaping and raising the standards of future early childhood educators. The key strategy towards that aim has been the ...
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  • ECE in Malaysia

    ECE in Malaysia

    by admin | February 22, 2017 | Media
    Early Childhood Education is now receiving its due attention in Malaysia as the foundation that will shape a child’s future learning curve. Hence, it demands for well-qualified teachers with sound understanding of the learning needs of young children. Kolej Dika’s philosophy is to comprehensively prepare its students for the role as an educator and advocate of Early Childhood Education. Early Childhood ...
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