Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE)


The objective is to provide students with a strong basis in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to early childhood education, as well as contemporary and pertinent teaching methods necessary for the development of the next generation. Upon completion, graduates will receive an accredited qualification from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Graduates will have the option to pursue a variety of career paths, including entrepreneurship, teaching, curriculum development, writing, toy design, and many others, with virtually limitless opportunities available to them.

Diploma in Special Education (Early Years)


The goal of the programme is to develop in students a sense of mutual respect and an open-minded approach to the philosophy of inclusion, while also providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to support, motivate, guide, and educate children with special needs. The programme is taught by a team of industry practitioners who are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated to their profession. The programme’s curriculum is both comprehensive and extensive which prepares graduates to offer guidance to children with special needs of different ages in either inclusive or segregated environments.

We commit Care and professional Service towards our learners achieving educational Excellence while advocating organizational Accountability for our environment and stakeholders.

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