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New Highlights

New Highlights

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SKM: Your Bridge to
a Lifetime of Success

The Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) courses at Dika College is an education pathway for Malaysians 17 years old and above (with or without SPM). The programmes will empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to pursue further education.

Nurul and mum 2

Dika College Alumni Series:
Nurul Husna Bt Abd Rashid

Dika College alumnus Nurul Husna Bt Abd Rashid has her hands full these days overseeing three child centres. The latest addition is a centre for special needs children, which Nurul has always dreamt of starting. Read on to know more about Nurul’s inspiring work.

Samantha Lee Dika College

Empower Children to
Build Resilient Relationships

Samantha Lee, Head of School (Early Childhood Education), Dika College shares why an educator’s role is so important in helping children positively shape their very first encounters.

Welcome To Dika College

Welcome To
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A place to inspire students to be aspired to be someone that makes the world different.

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A specialist in Early Childhood Education and Special Needs Education

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(Early Childhood Education)

Special Education (Early Years)

Early Childhood Education

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We are committed to supporting our students in discovering their passions, reaching their goals, and making a positive change in the community.

Success Stories

Explore the success of our graduates and the variety of career pathways possibilities

Kiranjeet Kaur

Senior Special Educational

Needs Coordinator

Low Lai Kwan

Clinical Psychologist Trainee &

PhD Candidate

Fam Fui Yin

Preschool Principal & Senior Lecturer

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