Venus Lim Ee Chiew


Venus Lim Ee Chiew is a full-time lecturer and a Diploma in Special Education (early years) course coordinator at Dika College. A keen enthusiast of music, she is known for her creative teaching and learning approaches. Venus encourages her students to be innovative, current and flexible in their thinking. She also emphasises the importance of keeping up with the changing dynamics of the early years education landscape in Malaysia. Her philosophy in life is: ‘Be passionate in everything you do, by having faith in yourself and the courage to strive for achievements.’ A graduate from the University of Westminster and a Musikgarten Licensed Teacher from the USA, Venus’s academic expertise is extensive.


An authority in special education, her Post-Graduate Research Topics are varied, including “Are Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) and Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP) Effective Ways to Manage Self-hitting Behaviour for a Student with Autism?”, “Can Music Learning Promote Reading Abilities in Students with Dyslexia”, “The Treatment of Separation Anxiety Disorder Employing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy” and “The Effects of Improvisational Music Therapy on Joint Attention in Children with ASD”.

Academic Background

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Special Needs Education, University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • Diploma in Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology, Linguistic Council Singapore
  • The Australian Kodaly Certificate in Music Education, Clayfield School of Music & Sound Thinking Australia
  • Certificate in Introduction to the Theory and Practice of the Montessori Method of Education, Segi College
  • Bachelor of Music, University of Westminster, UK
  • Musikgarten Licensed Teacher, Musikgarten USA

Areas of Expertise

  • Educating Children with Down Syndrome
  • Knowing How Young Children Grow and Learn
  • Inclusive Education
  • Observing, Assessing & Evaluating Young Children’s Development
  • Young Children and Mathematics
  • Young Children and the Arts: Music, Movement and Drama
  • Young Children and the Visual Arts

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