What is SKM ?

An Introduction to SKM


SKM stands for Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia, or Malaysian Skills Certificate. The SKM programme is an initiative taken by the government to produce qualified skilled workers in Malaysia to enhance the competitiveness of local industries in the global market. Therefore, an SKM certificate that is issued by JPK (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran or Department of Skills Development) under the Ministry of Human Resources demonstrates competencies and abilities to complete practical and technical work tasks as per the industry standards.


Five levels of competencies


There are five levels of competencies. NOSS, which stands for National Occupational Skills Standards, is a document designed by the industrial experts that outlines the dexterity required to achieve specific skills at different levels. The five levels of competencies captured within the SKM education framework are:


Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 1

Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 2

Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 3

Malaysian Skills Diploma (DKM)

Malaysian Advanced Skills Diploma (DLKM)


JPK accredited training centre and programme


Dika College is one of the private training centres accredited by JPK to conduct SKM. Our 1-year SKM in Early Childhood Care and Development Education, which is a level 3 SKM programme, is accredited by JPK as well. Most of the graduates of our SKM programme are currently pursuing Diploma programmes at Dika and other Universities/Colleges.

Is SKM The Right Option for You?

What to do after SPM?


There are people who pass and fail SPM every year. For those who have passed their SPM exam, they might struggle to make a decision on which pre-University programme suits them the best. As for those who have failed their SPM exam or passed the exam but scored less than 3 credits, they may not know what to do and where to go. Is retaking the paper(s) that you have failed in your SPM the only choice? The answer is definitely no. An SKM certificate is an alternative option in pursuing your tertiary education.



Why SKM?


Below are some benefits of pursuing the SKM programme upon completion of secondary education, which may justify the decision of choosing SKM over retaking SPM papers:


SKM is an alternative pathway towards tertiary education (e.g., Diploma programme) in Malaysia.


So, see this as a second-chance or another opportunity for you to get that diploma, degree or even masters. There’s never just ONE way of reaching your goal.



SKM certificate is recognized by the industry in Malaysia.


We have heard and read of news and reports that some institutions produce “certificates” and “qualifications” not recognized by any authorities or higher education bodies. With an SKM certificate which is endorsed by JPK, you can be assured that it is a legit qualification recognized by our government.



SKM emphasizes on the mastery of practical skills that promotes experiential learning, which familiarizes you with the required tools and equipment and the work that you do.


Our students, for example, not only learn the theories of the industry but the actual execution or real-life current practices expected of the industry. This gives our students an advantage over graduates that are only book-smart when it comes to hands-on work.



SKM provides an attractive career path and personal growth opportunity that is comparable to a career choice based on academic qualifications.


There are many things you can learn in an SKM programme that may not be taught in a foundation, diploma or degree programme. Take this opportunity to harness your practical skills that would be very useful in a working environment.



One could start working immediately upon completion of the SKM programme.


Yes, SKM graduates can even start working the soonest they have completed, and some even continue to pursue bigger dreams and achievements. One failure does not mean you will be a failure forever; it means you can try again differently.



Students who have enrolled in the SKM programme are eligible to apply for PTPK (Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran) loan.


SKM in Early Childhood Care and Development Education

SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia or Malaysian Skills Certificate) in Early Childhood Care and Development Education is a programme that gives you an alternative pathway leading to either Diploma in Early Childhood Education or Diploma in Special Education (Early Years).

SKM in SME Administration Support Services

An SKM SME certificate is a business related course that provides you a study pathway towards a Diploma in Business Management. It allows you to develop a broad understanding of business organisations and how business works which includes markets, customers, …

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